Our Way - ReBirth

We are living in the new millennium and we not only intuitively feel the new epoch's breath and pace but also witness new technologies and methods of healing, which seemed to be unbelievable in the middle of the 20th century, coming to our everyday life.

We all have learned that human organism is not just an isolated biological object, which can be influenced with different devices and medicines. The time has come to consider the human being an energetic-informational system deeply connected with Cosmos, Nature, human history and heritage. That is why individuals, possessing abilities unusual for most people, such as clairvoyance and ESP, often help us in cases when conventional medicine takes a much more difficult path (surgeries, complicated examinations and treatment) or is simply helpless.

Bio-energetic-informational alternative medicine has already become popular and well developed. Its roots trace back to folk healing practice, ancient esoteric schools of China, Tibet, India, Egypt, Greece and other countries. Alternative medicine doesn’t restrict us from the conventional medical services we need. Energetic-informational therapy in a number of cases can provide a perfect supplement to ordinary medicine methods. It can be very well in agreement with chiropractics, reflex therapy, herbal healing and more.

During a gradual process people began to unlearn inherent insight due to certain external reasons. And only very few folk healers’ lineages, performing what we would call ‘miracles’, managed to pass some grains of that knowledge in secret from generation to generation up to present. We know the time to revive the deeper understanding has come. That’s why we called our Center “Re Birth” implying revitalization of the ancient healing techniques and esoteric knowledge. It is the demand of time.

It is proved by the increasing number of people interested in esoteric knowledge. We don’t limit ourselves with healing practice. One of the Center’s main purposes is bringing enlightenment. You are welcome to attend a variety of workshops given by certified teachers known worldwide.

Some of are Tom de Winter, a famous spiritual healer and a Flower of Life (originated by Drunvalo Melchizedek) facilitator from Holland.
The most ancient of all known complete systems of self-regulation, health improvement, and spiritual growth of the human being is Medicine Qigong. Classes are given by Anna and Alex Perkel, who received the knowledge in the Shaoling Monastery, China.
One of the healing methods used is so-called energetic-informational correction, which includes discovering cause-effect relationship in every single case.
Energetic-informational correction can be conducted in the way of a videoconference with our center. It works because reading bio-energetic information from the patient's field of events by the conductor of correction is not affected by physical location. The method is very efficient. Thousands of people, who were ill or had other problems in their lives, have improved their state of being.

Our Center's purpose is revival of ways of living in harmony and unity with Nature and of the knowledge and spirituality lost with the development of technocratic/left-brain civilization.

You will discover your way to inexhaustible vital strength and drastically change your life for the better.

The knowledge you get in the Center is your powerful tool to improve your health, inner world and your destiny.
This awareness will help you to get rid of diseases, prevent problems in your life and manifest your desires – success, wealth, love, relationship, fulfillment of your creativity, acquire wisdom and peace of mind.

Welcome !!!

In Love and Service,
Esoteric Center "ReBirth"