Anna Perkel

Teacher and Founder of the Esoteric Science Center “ReBirth”

Anna was born with a divine gift, when she was seven years old she easily cleaned inflammation formed in the children's lung and breasts of nursing mothers.
Currently, she is a Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences and leading healer Scientific Esoteric center "ReBirth" in New York and New Jersey. She passed the specialization of medical qigong from the best teachers Shaolin Monastery, China.

She is a professional Feng Shui expert in the field of Chinese metaphysics.
Anna professionally conducts correction of karma through the subconscious using Regression Past Life Therapy.

Anna holds sessions Regression Spiritual Therapy "Life-Between-Lives" and is a specialist in this area.
She also provides individual sessions to help people answer questions, open spiritual potential, help them understand why they came to the earth, what they should do here and pass them information from the Divine Plan.

She is clairvoyant, sees all the internal organs in humans, where is the problem and helping people get rid of it. 

Anna helps people communicate with decedent relatives and pass them information from them. She has organized and conducted several expeditions with groups of people in different sacred places of our planet. 

In Arizona, Egypt, India and Nepal, she taught the people and pass to them necessary information from the divine forces. 

In her practice, Anna combines various metaphysical methods to get the best results.

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In Love and Service,
Anna Perkel D.Ms, CHt, IACT