Drunvalo Melchizedek

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Teacher and Founder of the Flower of Life & Living in the Heart / EarthSky workshops

Born as a US – citizen, he studied at the University of Berkley physics and mathematics. During that time, he came into contact with multidimensional levels of existence, without seeking for it.
He realized, that the teached knowledge was not the absolute truth for what he expected it to be. Simmilar like in Archeology, he became aware that obviously evidences and facts have been denied, if they didn`t fit into the believepatterns of Science.

During that time, he trained his left brain (the logical, male part of the brain). But then he shifted his attention to the right brain (the emotional, female part of the brain) and so he did with his education. He moved to the fine arts like music, painting etc. But this was also not satisfying him. Just at this time the school system has been shut down due to the Vietnam War, and every participant received a diplom with a good performance note.

After the Vietnam War he decided, to fullfill a dream, which he had for a long time. He said good by and moved to the Canadian Woods. There he met his wife Rene, they became married and went out into the woods, far away from the civilisation. They lived in a little house nearby a lake, miles away from the next road. He enjoyed this way of life much more than making money in a big city. He started to make music and very soon a couple of friends visited him and his home became a regular meetingpoint. At the same time he became aware of his inner child and his guardian angels. This had been a key-experience to him.

While studying old scriptures, he became aware of the reason for having so much problems in studying it in the western manner. Art, Science and Religion have been much more interweaved in ancient times, that means that both parts of the brain have been stimulated by this, which is unfortunately not being performed at present times.

Spiritual Experiences

In Canada he learned all about meditation from a Hinduteacher. After four or five months all of the sudden two angels appeared in his livingroom and told him, “We are the Earth, we are the Sun, we are you and we are one“. They leaded him to several spiritual teachers, on the physical plan and on the spiritual plan also. In fact he received teachings from at least 70 (!) teachers.

He studied all about Yoga, Daoism, Sufism, Buddhism, every existing religion and myteryschool on this planet. So he is a very profound teacher. He also pointed out, that his primary spiritual education, performed by the American Indian tribes, had opened a doorway for him to those outstanding spiritual experiences.

Also he insists in being aware of the fact, that both parts of the brain should be educated and trained simultaniously. None of them has to be denied or prefered. If this two parts are in ballance, an information exchange is going to happen between the two sides, which makes it much mor easy, to understand all the informations concerning meditation, philosophy, religion and ascension in the right way. Also Science has discovered those facts recently and also superlearning is based on that.

In 1992 he created his “Flower of Life“ workshops, which nowerdays are going to be performed by socalled „facilitators“. In the past, he filmed such a workshop on video, because he couldn`t do all requested workshops allone, to much requests. But he made the experience, that only a few people could get it right by watching only the videos. So he created the Facilitator Programm. He trained a lot of people worldwide in teaching the Merkabameditation in an appropriate way. In this workshops also Sacred Geometry is going to be teached, which is the key to the Merkabameditation.

Today Drunvalo is only performing the „Earth&Sky“ workshop and the „Koogi“ workshops, he also retired from the Flower of Life Organisation, which is now foreheaded by Ron Holt.

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