Energetic-Informational Correction

 Many years' practical experience of work with patients made it possible to reveal and clarify multidimensional cause-effect relationships in the origin of different pathological conditions. This can be said not only about the patients' health but also about their fields of events, which include their family life, work, surroundings, etc.
Extensive research of the recent years allows us to assert that the Universe is an intricate multidimensional structure – a conscious living organism. From this perspective, it is inadmissible to consider a human being and his or her state of being from the point of view of conventional medicine.
Human being is complex time-and-space structure. Physical body, which is perceived by means of senses of ordinary organs, is just a four-dimensional projection of this multidimensional structure. This knowledge was accessible to various ancient esoteric schools. According to this prospect, human beings possess (besides their physical bodies) etheric, astral, mental, spiritual and other bodies. In order to bring easier comprehension, we can introduce the following: physical body is a time and amplitude resonator of four-dimensional space; fifth dimension corresponds to astral plane; sixth dimension – mental plane, etc. Integrity of this multidimensional structure of the subtle bodies determines the condition of the physical body. In other words, a spiritually unfolded and knowledgeable person is just unable to be ill!
The causes of diseases and other pathological states of being are inside the person. To be more precise, they are in his or her mental plane. That's why it is useless and even harmful to try to heal the physical body without comprehension and repentance as the karmic cause-effect relationship is in this case violated. The healer is liable for these transgressions what can induce his of her disease or even be fatal.
Karmic mistakes made by people cause intrusions upon energetic-informational exchange of our civilization and the Universe. We can roughly divide these violations into two groups: individual and global. The first group of five most severe violations of the energetic-informational exchange can be referred to as individual. These are fortune-telling, spiritism, everything connected to magical rituals, abortions, clinging/regrets of/over the deceased and compassion for others. The global violations are wars, barbarous and thoughtless attitude towards nature, our civilization's egocentrism in regard to Extraterrestrial Consciousness, etc. The conductor of correction has to consider all these aspects.
The methods of energetic-informational correction include info-field revelation of the violations of the energetic-informational exchange perpetrated by the patient. In addition, the patient has to realize his or her mistakes, forgive all the offenders and ask for/implore forgiveness of all the victims of his or her actions. Only in this case, the conductor of the energetic-informational correction can accomplish rectification of the patient's field of events. If, after the patient continues making the mentioned above mistakes, the diseases could return even after the correction has been conducted.
Before the Energetic-Informational Correction, for patient is necessary familiarize with the memo.
Even the primitive fortune telling using a flower of chamomile (“loves me” – “loves me not”) may be enough to cause problems with reproductive organs, headaches later. Rejecting somebody else's wedding or living together can induce hypertension and cancer.
The stated above karmic aspects are not considered in the methods of healing existing in conventional medicine or in most folk and esoteric methods. It causes accumulation of the planetary karma and the global violation of the gene pool.

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