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Feng Shui energies also vary from year to year. It is therefore necessary to monitor the redistribution of good and bad energies at the beginning of each year to be able to take the necessary precautions if some bad energy comes to the important parts of your home or office.
To avoid these problems, you can order the service Feng Shui "The Flying Stars" with this you can prevent problems for you, your family and your business.

Tradition and method of determining and protecting the future with "flying stars" is very popular in many eastern and western countries. This tradition and technique of "flying star" has its roots in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and now it has gained popularity in America and Europe.
"Flying Stars" - a peculiar combination of energies that exist in the universe. Every year, even every month and day from different the prosperity, riches giving growth, the finance and the improvements of a financial position bringing glory, popularity, a rank, helping very quite directions for us to apply different forces.

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Flying star system allows us to consider these influences and adjust our house for them. Each year, the center of our houses and apartments gets some flying star, which occupies a dominant position, and affects the overall energy. Eight other stars are distributed on the relevant sectors, each of them has its own character, its features and potential.
At the beginning of each year, the Master of Feng Shui make annual adjustments to the living space for its clients, which protects the latter from a sudden loss of money, bankruptcy, and the emergence of diseases. It is important to calculate and take into account the redistribution of good and bad energies flying star in the beginning of each year. This allows you to prepare for the emergence of adverse stars in various sectors at home and pick up "antidote", neutralizing their harmful effects. You have an opportunity to maximize the beneficial power, promising prosperity and wealth. By shifting the corresponding periods of active or sleeping place in a zone with a favorable energy flying star, you have the opportunity to use these beneficial energies to improve their luck and implementation plans.
Now you can learn about the impact of the Stars "on you, your home, your apartment or your business in each incoming year.

Masters of Feng Shui, Anna и Alex Perkel, owning this method, the amount you natal chart for every building, business, home or apartment.Thus, they will describe to you how to protect themselves from unfortunate events, and be forewarned about the undesirability of sleep or work in certain rooms of your business, home or apartment. As the system "flying star" masters of feng shui will determine what kind of misfortune can bring the wandering star.

Ie, stars, bringing into the house:
poor health, disputes, gossip and slander, failure, injury, disease, a fatal loss of someone from the family members, a difficult financial situation, misfortune, robbery and violence, disasters, major disasters, obstacles to work and advance in their careers, financial losses, litigation, provoke adultery in the family, the scandals, which put under threat matrimonial relations.

Along with these warnings, Feng Shui "flying star" will change for the better, your poor health, difficult relationships with others, the difficult financial situation.

Ie, stars, bringing into the house:
prosperity, enabling the growth of wealth, finance, and improving the material conditions that bring glory, fame, rank, position, helping to rapidly achieve happiness, carrying health and welfare, responsible for the birth of children to help children and adolescents, and pregnant women are responsible for aspects of marriage, love and sex, to help unmarried young women to marry, bringing gains in education, helping to pass the exam, the attractive power of romantic relationships and activates your social activity.

You will be given practical advice and recommendations on special dates and hours to neutralize all negative influences and the dates and hours for the activation of all the positive influences in each incoming year. Consultations are also for businesses.

We are consulting on the favorable months and days to: opening a new business, signing contracts, construction, moving to a new location home or business, buying land, houses or apartments, enabling the months and days for meetings, weddings, and your Trip.

We can prepare for you Chinese Аstrological Forecast for the Year, based on a 12 Animal signs and personal outlook on the basis of day of your birth.
With this volumetric information, you can learn what to expect in each month throughout all year.


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Doctors Metaphysical Sciences: Anna and Alex Perkel D.Ms


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