Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

By paranormal activity relates a ghost, poltergeists, and aliens from outer space or from a parallel world, “energetic substances” and so on.
Ghost - in traditional representations is soul or spirit of a deceased person, manifested in visible form or other in real life.
"Phantom” - an energetic bunch, what is left on the planet after the death of the biological membranes, freely moving in space and time." Something like 50 years ago formulated a definition of ghost John Malone - famous English Spiritologie.

It is believed that a ghost is the soul that finds no resting place, due to the fact that the death (and often violent nature of this death) a man is not buried properly (according to traditional customs).

As a rule, this soul becomes a ghost and starts looking for attention to them in any places. This explains the phenomenon of ghosts along roads (places of automobile accidents, incidents, accidents, homicide, and suicide) that lives in certain parts of tracks, in nature or in different apartments or houses, as well as a host of other cases attributed to evil spirits.

These lost souls stuck after death looking for help. They cannot leave our land, though not belong to her. To get into another world, designed for souls, get to heaven or hell, they also cannot - the road there is closed! These souls suffer from restlessness, they are seeking refuge.

Poltergeist in German means "spirit" - a term which usually denoted phenomena associated with noise and knocks, spontaneous movement of objects, self-ignition, etc. Especially dangerous are cases spontaneous locking in a closet or bathroom - such phenomena occur more frequently. It is believed that the poltergeist (unlike other ghosts) is tied to a place and to a person - usually a child enters the stage of puberty.

Poltergeist manifests itself: acoustic (various sounds on the premises, the source of which is difficult to establish: hum, rumble, noise, bumps into walls, floor and ceiling, scratching, and sounds similar to human cries and moans), cinematically (moving objects, slamming windows and doors, kitchen doors, the emergence of nowhere liquid), heat (temperature change in the residential location of objects up to icing or fire), as well as in other ways - affecting, in particular, electrical and electronic equipment.

Paranormal researcher Dzhileyn Sherwood identifies five successive stages of "aging" Poltergeist: touch (at the level of sensations and smells), communicative (moaning and voices), physical (touching, turning on and off appliances, the movement of windows, doors and individual items), intelligent (throwing objects, deliberate actions aimed at to cause fright) , aggressive (biting, hitting, scratching, the appearance of blood on the walls, threatening inscriptions, the emergence of a misunderstood victim of disease states). Upon reaching the fifth stage of poltergeist activity peaking suddenly, fades and after some time there is again, starting the cycle from the first stage.

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