Patients Memo

You might be asked various questions on different situations in your Field of Events while the energetic-informational correction is being conducted. Try to recall everything negative connected to the names mentioned. Your relatives should not limit the situations recalled but they could involve all your surroundings during all your life.
You need to forgive all those who brought troubles to your life and implore forgiveness of those who could be victims of your mistakes.
A death of a human being is his/her transition to a new incarnation. No matter what the loss of a relative was like, try to help him/her to leave for the next incarnation. Wish all the deceased to have intellect, good health and happiness in their next lives.
While the correction is being conducted, you may have various sensations: warmth, tingling, arms or/and feet getting heavy, etc. Let the conductor of correction know about all the changes in your sensations right away. Try to recall all the anomalous phenomena such as UFO's, poltergeist, seeing shadows at night, etc. Work with your Third Eye is done in the end of correction. You may see changes in color, background brightness, stripes, circles, certain images from your life, three-dimensional figures, etc. with your eyes closed. Tell the conductor of correction about all the changes.

How to use energetically-informational treated water.

The water can be used for drinking, adding to your bath, cooking, applying compresses, watering plants. The water can be boiled and kept in your refrigerator. All your surroundings/… can use it. You can use the water whenever you want. When running out of the original water, new water can be added to it. Thus, all the water is reprogrammed.