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Treatment of Illnesses

Spine Scoliosis

Pain in a spine

Hip joints alignment

Adjustment of bones into their correct alignment

Adjustment of cranial bones back into alignment

Healing deformed or broken bones no need for surgery 

Removing of a pain and inflammatory processes

Acceleration of the healing process

Spirits and Entities Removal

Psychogenic illnesses (Depressed condition, Manic Depression, Fears, Insomnia,...)  


Immune system

Female problem – (Therapy for reproductive organs, Cysts, Tumors, Premature birthing, Painful periods, Menopause, etc.,)

Restoring your sexual energy and balance

Gallbladder (gallstones)

Kidneys Bladder (infection, incontinence)

Healing horses and different animals

Help in many other cases

Long Distance Healing

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