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Space Clearing and House Blessings

A Space Clearing clears out the old energies and makes room for the new.

Everything that happens in a home or building is energetically recorded in the walls, floors, furniture and objects of the space and it affects us in profound ways. The energy and information of the previous occupants remains in the building and will affect your energy and your health. This energy and information need to be cleared. A House Blessing is done to adjust and balance the energy in the home or business and to purify the building or room of negative energy. This invites prosperity and good fortune. Space Clearing is necessary to clear away the energy and information of previous occupants when you move into a new home or workplace.


When is a space clearing recommended?

  • To prepare for the birth of a child

  • Feeling “stuck”, uncomfortable or lethargic

  • After a serious illness or death

  • To increase your energy levels

  • After a divorce or break up of a relationship

  • To improve your marital relationship

  • Job loss

  • To help you sell or move from an old home

  • Lawsuit

  • Bankruptcy

  • To attract prosperity

  • New relationships

  • Create Harmony between coworkers

  • Selling, Buying or Rental Property

  • Clear energy of destructive or deadbeat tenants and attract good tenants

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