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Spirits and Entities Removal

In Spirits and Entities Removal we include removing black magic such as the evil eye, spell, damage, curse, domestic and family curse. As well as the energy information correction, recovery and purification of the soul and the purification and activation of the chakras.

After all this Spiritual Work we provide with energy Space Clearing of Home or Business from negative energies, followed by a Blessings.


Entities are energetic life forms – spirits. They could be attached to energy fields of people, land, houses, towns, cities and countries. There are many different types of entities (parasites) which hinder our lives either deliberately or just by being inside our energy bodies.

There are entities of many various forms including:

  • human discarnate souls (souls of the deceased unable to find their way to the Light)

  • soul fragments

  • earth-bound spirits

  • souls of dead animals

  • witchcraft

  • thought-forms - evil eye, spell, damage, curse, whammy, household curse

  • specific forms of psychic attack

  • energetic images created by the decisions we have made in our present and past lives

  • entities from other dimensions and planets

  • souls of aliens

  • implants installed by the UFOs


Entities attached to people’s bodies take the hosts’ lives as their own just like all energetic images do. In order to feel comfortable, they begin sharing the body with the soul, to which the body belongs. Entities attachments can happen any time from birth till death. It is just a matter of creating comfortable energies within us for an entity to enter. In many cases, the attachments are determined by karmic factors.


Our Center have registered the following cases when an entity can enter one’s body:


  • during short-term consciousness / memory loss

  • after one’s fall and head injury

  • during surgery under narcosis

  • during strong intoxication

  • while taking drugs

  • while taking anti-depressants

  • many other cases when human will is impaired


Many entities are full of fear. They are lost. Those spirits wander around unable to find their way to the Light. They enter our bodies which are their shelters until we are able to help them find their way to the place where they belong. Having attached to one’s body, entities begin invading more and more of the space of the soul breaking human will and opening the gate for other parasites to come in. Then all together they start trying to force the soul out of the body and prevent it from completing the host’s Divine mission.
According to some esoteric scientists, there are certain ET civilizations which are involved in the interfering of this kind in order to slow down and stop the ongoing evolution on the Earth plane. Implants (microchips, energetic or made of some unknown material) are also installed for the same purpose. The cases are especially common among the people (especially children) who come to our planet with a mission of spiritual growth and helping the human race with the dimensional shift. (It is being said not in any way to encourage defining such acts as evil. It is just that from the level where those civilizations are in their evolution, from their perspective, they are doing something necessary or even beneficial although, of course, Universal laws are being violated here.)
Drunvalo Melchizedek says, “The only reason I have found it necessary to remove the entities out of a spiritual seeker is because these entities will interfere with that person’s spiritual growth, and if spiritual growth is the goal, then it is absolutely necessary to follow this path.”.
It is very important for our Center, which is in Drunvalo’s flow, to help the ones who have come to the planet Earth to grow spiritually. And we will do all we can to help them get back on their Path.


These are the most common indications of an entity attachment observed

by the Center:


  1. Being split in our actions (When you are doing one thing but your inner voice is telling you to do another thing)

  2. Being split in feelings

  3. Fighting with our own self (self-destruction)

  4. Lack of self-confidence

  5. Various kinds of fear

  6. Being worried about oneself and others for no reason

  7. Strong depression

  8. Epilepsy

  9. Indifference to work

  10. Indifference to one’s life

  11. Physical vibrations in the area of solar plexus / abdomen / chest

  12. Desire to commit a suicide

  13. Desire to commit a homicide

  14. Desire to kill birds and other animals

  15. No desire to communicate with other people

  16. Alcohol addiction

  17. Drug addiction


If a person does not take into consideration the signs mentioned above, the number of entity attachments can even exceed 20. Nonetheless we help everybody to get rid of all these symptoms without any pain and in a short period of time.
We are very well aware of the fact that all the attached spirits – entities were created by God for a sacred purpose no matter how they might appear to us. Our method is not killing them but bringing them back home.
After the entities are removed, your energy field will be balanced with special techniques, your vibrations will be changed, nervous system and spinal cord will be cleansed, your chakras cleansed activated and balanced.


We will teach you to protect yourself from entities attachments.

Welcome to our Center – the Center of Love and Help to everybody who wants to solve their serious problems!


In Love and Service,
Anna Perkel and Alex Perkel

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